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I actually forgot to post this up, so here's some photos from my latest photo shoot with NITEOWL! I got to model my favorite design from the Shibui collection they released. What made the whole experience fun was the fact that I got to have this shoot with my best friend! Although a lot of people ended up misunderstanding our relationship after the photos were released LOL! In case you guys would like to check out the other designs from the collection, do visit my previous entry: NITEOWL Opening Collection

I'm wearing "Owl Head" and you can get yours by ordering here. We accept shipping and international orders are welcome! Don't forget to add my name "Bea" in your referral if you decide to get a shirt. :) Now, here comes the photos! Note: I am not a professional model. Please don't kill me for my lack of modelling skills HAHA!

I'm Still Alive, For Sure!

Woops, I almost forgot that my blog existed. I will say that my February, March and April has been one heck of a roller coaster ride and I honestly planned to blog about it, but it would be too much work to actually blog about each individual entry so I decided to just compile everything in this entry instead!

First of all, it's summer break for me right now. (Yeeeey!) Seeing that I'm already free from all my academic responsibilities, it would be the perfect time to blog right? Well, as much as I wanted to be active in my blogging activities again, it's been hard for me to find the motivation. I'd rather give you guys genuine content rather than half-assed ones. But I guess it's better that I keep this blog alive and actually update, yes? (Though I am working on writing some content soon. I'm still unsure what to post here since this place is like my personal diary haha!) I'm actually planning on working on my reviews section though, I think it would be the best place to start as I would love to share all my fandoms and favorites with all of you guys! I'll work on it---Eventually

But let's get to that update! Warning: A very long summary of my life the past few months haha!

February was a month that really brought in a few surprises for me. For this year's Valentines, I decided to write to one of my darling buds, Rui. It was funny since the barista who did the latte art for my drink made a cute heart for me. It was pretty sweet of him! Although everything was hearts and romance for love month, I actually struggled with my letter. It's very ironic since writing is one of the only things I'm actually good at. Rui makes it hard for me to convey things Luckily, I did manage to finish writing the letter but I wasn't able to send it before Valentine's Day. It arrived after and actually, it was supposed to be a surprise, but then that failed miserably because I got worried about the letter and asked Rui if she received anything. So she basically found out that I sent her something and you know what else was ironic? The letter arrived a day later. LIKE WOW MAILMAN THANKS FOR RUINING THINGS </3

But the craziest thing that happened in February? I had my first art exhibit!

One of the photos I had for display! It's titled "Odd One Out"
Did I ever plan on having an exhibit? Absolutely not. In fact, the exhibit was kind of on the spot lol! My best friend met up with me one day and suddenly asked me if I wanted to join the exhibit she was planning on showcasing in a few weeks. Initially, I wanted to turn down the offer since my schedule was a bit hectic due to university. But when I thought about it again, this was a rare opportunity and I probably won't be able to get another one like this in the future, so I decided to go for it! It was a really crazy experience to be honest, like very crazy. Usually it takes months for an artist to prepare all their material to be showcased in an exhibit right? Well, I had to cram my materials in roughly a week. Yes, a week. I wanted to die in that week too tbh :)) 

It was a ridiculous experience because I had to desperately think of what kind of photos I wanted to present. Due to time constrain and my determination to produce the minimum amount of works, I went all out and went as far as to skip some of my classes. Thankfully, my professors were very supportive and understood my situation. In fact, some of them attended the grand opening! I had a total of five pieces that were displayed in the museum. I was so nervous during the program since I was yet again, chosen to be the emcee at the last minute. Why y'all doing this to me But I managed to live through the program with little to no mistakes. You guys have no idea how relieved I was when I finally reached the "And now may I request _____ to assist in the ribbon cutting" part of the script. Because right after that, I scurried off behind everyone and hid from the world. (Okay not really, afterward we had snacks and chatted with all our friends and family that attended the opening night!)

Before my February ended, I was able to get the chance to visit Bacolod City again! It was a quick trip with my mom and her friends because we went there to attend a contest that my aunt's daughters attended. (Not really my blood aunt, but my mom's friend.) I actually expected that during the trip I would not be allowed to roam and would accompany my mom with everyone else. But to my surprise, I was allowed to meet up with my friends Ban, Kai and Mac! I was able to meet two new friends as well and we had such a delicious dinner at this very cute restaurant in town. I really liked the place because of their interior design and overall aesthetic! It had a nice retro diner feel and if you go further on the inside, the rest of the tables are similar to the setting in actual Korean restaurants! And that means, sitting on the floor :') But it was a cozy floor, it reminded me of a tree house <3

Fast forward, fast forward and I'm back in Bacolod. Didn't expect that huh? :)) We came back for a different reason this time. When we visited Bacolod last March, it was more of a quick vacation and we got to go around the city and act like tourists. (But really we're not) We were able to visit "The Ruins" and actually got to see our favorite tour guide, Roger! If you guys are familiar with the local reality show in the Philippines called "Pinoy Big Brother",  Roger was one of the housemates last year! He's such a fantastic guy to be around with and he's extremely funny. He really made the tour around the mansion entertaining and he got everyone interested with the mansion's history and origin. This wasn't the first time I've visited the ruins however, I've actually been to this site a few times already! I've visited the place so much that I can actually remember the whole story behind the famous sugar baron and how this beautiful mansion ended up in ruins during World War II. I would love to go on and explain the tale but I think I'll save it for another entry! 

Besides visiting the famous tourist attractions, I also got to meet up with my Bacolod friends again too! Ban, Kai, Mac and Cidnie were kind enough to get some time off to meet up with me and basically show me around the city. Although with Cidnie, we ended up eating and ranting about life as usual. I love you gurl <3 I did get to enjoy a nice dance game with Mac at the arcade before we went off for dinner though. I actually got to meet up with him first and we talked about Kpop and I got to interview him for an article I was writing about the city. Thanks for the help Mac! There was way too many food during our trips to Bacolod. I ate a whole lot of things but I did not regret it :)) If there was one big highlight during my recent visit, it was definitely seeing all the artworks that were displayed in the hipster bar right across Cafe Bob. There were so many amazing artworks being displayed and I was deeply in awe with each masterpiece. They weren't there when I last visited, so I definitely took the opportunity to take photos and spam it on my instagram feed.

Fast forward to March! This was probably a great month for me because there was a lot of things happening. It was a roller coaster ride to pass all my subjects and try to balance the extra curricular activities I had. I only had one motivation to get through this month, SUMMER. We were close to having a taste of summer vacation and I for one, wanted to get my vacation as soon as possible. Therefore, work our butts off to pass all the requirements! 

During this month, we had our culminating activity in our PE class. We were taking up ballroom dancing and our wonderful instructor Miss Sheila, had taught us a variety of dance styles during each session. The challenge was, she wasn't going to give us a final exam but instead, our overall performance during the culminating night will determine our grades. That being said, we had to choreograph our own routine for the competition, work out our costumes and had to compete with other sections that were also taking up the same subject. If that wasn't bad enough, our instructor also added that the previous champions during the activity was from our curriculum and that she had high expectations that we would be able to keep the title. This was definitely one way to pressure us last semester haha! Surprisingly, everyone cooperated really well during practices. It was really a time where I saw that each and every one of my classmates wanted to win this and even I wasn't really the competitive type, I really did have the desire to win. After tiring hours of practicing, getting mad at each other and adding a pinch of drama in between, WE WON! <3 Everyone had happy tears at that moment and I couldn't help but feel so proud of my classmates with the things we were able to achieve together. It was a really fun night! Although I'm not the best dancer in the world, I can't deny that I like to dance to good music :))

But of course, the exhaustion doesn't end there because the next morning, we had to attend a tourism convention. If that wasn't bad enough, I was suddenly called to the Dean's office a few days after. To my relief however, the Dean wanted to me to receive a letter and it was actually an invitation to participate in a photography contest for World Water Day! I didn't know how to react because the letter had only arrived at the beginning of the week and the deadline of entries was literally 3 days way. I am not kidding, I had 3 days to produce an output that I believed, matched the theme of the contest. How was I able to do it? I had no idea. But thanks to the help and support of my friends, I was able to get some shots and work on a concept that for me, embodied this year's theme. I was especially motivated to give the contest a shot because of the overwhelming support I received from my professors, college dean and student administrator! They were so kind to me and encouraged me all throughout my preparation. Words couldn't express how happy I was that my hobby would actually be well received by the people around me. I am not a professional photographer and quite honestly, I only take photos for hobby. I like to believe that photographs are the best memoirs to keep and often times, I like to look at pictures and look back at the fond memories I had when that picture was taken. So when I was receiving praises and encouragement from everyone to continue pursuing photography, I was very very happy. There was an overwhelming joy that filled my heart and I told myself that I'll continue to take pictures that held meaning to me. :) I wasn't able to win a place in the contest, but I enjoyed the experience of it! 

By the way, my cousin Timi came home and got married! Well, they technically got married in America, but they wanted to have an intimate church wedding with their family and relatives here in the Philippines; so here we were! It was actually really funny because the moment I arrived at the church, my cousin Clark shoved a camera to my hands and told me that I was to take pictures for manong Rogeric. (My cousin's husband) Of course, my initial reaction was "wtf why me" but then I knew that this was the least I could do to help make my cousin's wedding memorable. So I told myself, why not? Then I regretted the decision later because I absolutely had no clue how to use manong Rogeric's camera. (It was a pretty camera though, the design was a vintage film camera but it was digital!) I spent most of the day fiddling with the contraption and getting frustrated as to why I couldn't adjust the image's brightness to the way I wanted it. Luckily after the wedding ceremony, manong Rogeric was kind enough to teach me how the thing worked while I went around to take photos during the reception LOL. I had a love-hate relationship with that camera that day but it was fun! It was definitely worth missing PE class for :)) Sorry Ma'am! 

What else happened in March? Adventure with my soul sisters! I was really happy because after I finished my requirements in school, I immediately had dates with my best friends! First order of business for the summer heat was to eat halo-halo at Sam's family restaurant. They had an "all you can eat" halo-halo buffet and it was for a cheap price! Of course Daph and I took the opportunity to get good food for a cheap price. (Because we're cheapskates HAHA) We ended up teasing Sam a lot because she promised that the buffet would cost us Php 50 and when we asked the cashier she told us that it was indeed Php 50 but if we wanted ice cream with our halo-halo we had to pay Php 80. Like, who eats halo-halo without a scoop of ice cream? Dreading the price, we went with it because we wanted our cold treats. To our surprise however, Aunt Rosy paid for our buffet and we only paid for the extra ice cream bars we ransacked from their fridge. Daphne and I eventually teased Sam afterward as we left, going "You lied" while she defended herself :)) Funny thing was, it was an "all you can eat buffet" but the three of us only managed to eat one full glass of halo-halo haha!

Daphne, Sam and I got to visit this very beautiful resort just a little bit out of town. I forgot the name of the resort, please kill me It was Aunt Rosy's birthday and we were invited to celebrate with Sam's family at the resort. The moment they said pool, we packed our swimsuits and literally jumped into the water when we arrived. :)) The resort was fairly new but it had such a beautiful view of the sea! Oh hey, SHINee song reference haha! What probably made that trip fun was the fact that we talked about our favorite roleplay while we were swimming in the pool. We were making jokes about how our characters would act if they were spending time at a resort during summer. There was a lot of funny and inappropriate humor that I would rather spare you all from reading but at least, we got to end the trip with some good food and some really really good beer. I'm not really a beer person myself but that apple flavored beer we got tasted delicious! (Funny thing was, after that I had to run off for a fan meeting event for the Kpop cover group I was managing and the special guests that arrived from Manila. Thank you Daphne for being my makeup savior like usual) 

Now April was definitely another crazy month. Why crazy? Because who suddenly calls you and then tells you "Hey Bee, we're going to Manila in two days." Like, who does that? :)) Apparently Sam does! The story is, Sam was applying for a job which was located in a different city from our hometown, so she had to fly over to the location in order to have her interview. Usually, Daphne and I would just wish her a safe trip and ask her to bring food when she gets back. To my surprise, Sam's mom told her to bring me along since no one was there to accompany Sam during her trip. Since it was Aunt Rosie who decided, the trip was basically finalized and next thing I know, I'm flying to Manila with Sam. :)) But of course, since this was a rare opportunity, I decided to surprise my friend Rui! 

First of all, I contacted all my mutual friends with Rui informing them that I was visiting. Our friends were in my surprise and I also invited them to meet up in case they were free on the day of my visit. Thing is, Rui never knew I was coming. My alibi? Rui was kind enough to buy and style the wig I needed for a new cosplan. So, I decided to use that and told her if it was alright if she could settle a meet up with Sam to give my wig and receive payment; to which she agreed. Of course, I left out the detail that I was tagging along :^)) I could not forget the look of surprise she had when she saw me enter the shop. I couldn't stop smiling either tbh because aahhhh I missed her so much! Funny enough, I invited around three of our close friends to join us, but strangely all of them couldn't make it on the last minute. It's funny because all of them confirmed they were available and were ready to meet up with me along with Rui and Sam; but for some reason, they had responsibilities to attend to and had to cancel on the last minute haha! Sam and I laughed at the timing to be honest. Fate was probably telling me that I was really reserved for Rui that day! (Pero sige lang guys, may next time pa tayo mag hang out promise haha) I actually wanted to meet with other friends but we were only in the area for a day and we'll be flying home in the evening. :'(

After the reunion, Rui had prepared a gift for me and I was legit fangirling so hard at the airport when I opened it. I saw the notebook first and knowing how much of a Miraculous Ladybug trash I am, I felt so happy seeing Rui's art of Ladybug on the notebook. Bonus? The notebook was lineless! <3 mmmm blank page goodness But what probably got me all giddy was the letter that came along with everything. I honestly had a hard time concealing my rapidly growing grin. Sam was already looking at me  strangely and silently judging me. I tried but miserably failed. Rui if you're reading this, I love-hate you so much but thank you ❤ I can't wait to be reunited with you soon!

Oh! Daphne celebrated her birthday as well! (It was during March but she decided to celebrate on the weekend) It was a fun intimate gathering with all our close friends and enjoyed the afternoon with Cards Against Humanity plus super good food. We actually surprised her with a gift bomb filled with a lot of cute things. Mainly rabbits lol It was funny because Daphne didn't notice the gift we placed on the table and didn't get the hint even while we were holding up our cameras to record her reaction. Luckily she caught up and eventually spazzed when she saw all the gifts we had gotten her haha! Happy Birthday Daph!

My April ended with a quick trip out of town! We went to visit my mom's friend in order to celebrate her husband's birthday. It was pretty fun! I actually missed having long road trips. I think I'll probably visit Dad at his workplace when I get the time, I prefer to take the bus since it makes the trip more satisfying compared to taking a private vehicle. What probably makes out of town trips really nice is the fact that there is so much green around! I really loved being surrounded by nature when we went to visit Dao. Plus, the amount of fresh air is so refreshing! 

May has started and the month has been pretty mellow except for the upcoming event I'm currently participating in! We're currently in the final stages of our organizing and it's just a week away until the event! Other than that, I think I'm finally back to blogging. I think it's time I go back to my love for posting my shenanigans online. Oh! Before I end this entry, my lovely friend Ady sent me a very cute package with my latest fictional crush. :^))

Do you see the amount of Chat Noir? Thanks so much Ady! Love you!

I'm Writing for a Magazine. Say What?!

Trust me, I'm just as surprised as you guys are. Writing has always been my favorite hobby since forever, and all I've ever done is write stories that feed my fangirl tendencies. So how did I end up becoming a writer for a magazine? Well, it was a pretty funny story. 

It started off like this, I was browsing through the internet like usual and my chatbox suddenly beeped. My cousin had apparently left me a message asking  if I was interested to use my writing skills for a job. I immediately told her that I wasn't good with any formal writing (such as news articles) and told her that I might not apply if they're looking for actual journalists. Even with my warning, she insisted that I give it shot and send over some of my samples to the publisher. At this point, she informed me that a traveling magazine was looking for writers to contribute for their articles and basically next thing I knew I was chatting with the publisher. 

I did not keep my hopes up on anything because for one, this is a formal magazine with legit issues being distributed and two, I have zero experience in article writing in general. (well, except blogging but they are two different genres) So, the publisher to asked me to send her any sample write up I had available. Since I don't really write regularly, the only thing I could link her to was my blog. I honestly felt very embarrassed but I didn't have much of a choice since I needed to pass something

After throwing my dignity out the window, I was so shocked when the publisher replied and told me that she'll take me in. Like are you really serious, you're joking right?

Okay, she wasn't joking and I obviously started to squeal behind my desk. Extra good news was that my cousin is also going to work in the magazine with me! I honestly cannot believe this actually happened and it's very overwhelming to be part of this venture with several other people. I'm really thankful for this opportunity and I just feel so blessed to be given this chance. I have a lot to learn when it comes to magazine articles, but I'll do my best! I'll be using this chance as a training ground to further enhance my skills in the tourism field and hopefully I can improve in my writing ability as well!

If you guys are wondering which magazine I'll be writing for, it's going to be TRIP! A magazine that focuses on traveling, lifestyle and leisure! It's a local magazine in the Philippines where it features local travel destinations and tourist spots plus other secret locations that have yet to be recognized by the public. Not only that, it's going to be a traveler's best friend because it's also going to feature must try activities, cuisine and traveling guides which includes gadget must haves! 

Follow TRIP! @ Official Website , Facebook , Instagram 

Wish me luck guys! Hopefully you'll get to see my articles in the magazine or the website. ♡

I'm an Ambassador! NITEOWL Opening Collection

Hey guys! I've got some exciting news to share today. Recently, a friend of mine has started a clothing line that features simple but trendy designs for casual wear. Her brand is called NITEOWL and it's a brand that aims to create on-trend fashion at the best affordable value. It promotes individuality and encourages people to be themselves regardless of the stereotypes made by society. I'm actually pretty excited about this project and I'm very much pleased that it's promoting a positive message for individuals. A little confidence booster can't hurt right?

So last January 30th, NITEOWL had released its first collection, opening the brand with their "Shibui" line featuring five unique t-shirt designs made available in three colors. Their approach for this series is simplicity but stylish, creating designs that can be matched with almost anything. The Shibui collection is influenced from Japanese street styles, possessing sleek yet classy statement designs. 

Shibui Collection - KANTAN 

Shibui Collection - KOSHIEN

In my opinion, they are best paired with casual pieces such as jeans or shorts, finished off with your own personal touch according to your style. (or at least what you're going for!) But personally, I would wear them with a skirt as well and probably wear a pair of comfortable converse along with it. That is, if I have the motivation to actually make the effort to look good on that day. Forever a potato.

Besides the fact that I'm promoting this brand, I'm very happy to announce that I'm one of the ambassadors for NITEOWL! I just signed my contract with them a few days ago and I'm really looking forward to the future projects I have with them. Honestly, it was hard to believe that the owner considered me for her brand, but I'm very thankful for the opportunity. It's actually pretty insane since this is the first time I'm actually doing this so called "modeling" thing which I have zero knowledge on and being an ambassador for a clothing brand. Although this is going to be a super exciting adventure, it's going to be a given that my family will be watching my activities like a hawk. (I just hope I don't disappoint them!)

NITEOWL has a set of ambassadors of different social backgrounds and status. Each ambassador is unique and has his/her own field of interest which they represent. For my case, I represent the cosplay culture in the city while other ambassadors represent students, working professionals, artists and the likes. The brand wishes to bring different individuals together and that even with the differences in interest, NITEOWL clothing can help set aside those differences to form a positive and friendly community composed of unique people.

Sounds pretty poetic, but you can say that a new community is coming to town and it's going to be bold, classy and definitely stylish!

Shibui Collection - OWL HEAD

Shibui Collection - SH00TERS

Interested in getting your own NITEOWL piece? The Shibui collection is currently open for orders but stocks are limited so you must get your favorite design now before they're sold out and gone forever. Make sure  to place "Bea" in the referral when you order! You'll help me get ambassador points haha! I look forward to see everyone in their own NITEOWL shirt, feel free to share your photos with me in the comments!

NITEOWL Shibui CollectionORDER NOW

Photographer © Michelle Du
Retouch © Beatriz 
Models © Ina Isis, Quenna Delicana, Yanyan Pajar, Ryan Herrera, Raelanie Loyola

Product Review: Helen of Troy Charm Bracelet

How I miss the feeling of typing long entries in my blog. Starting this comeback with a long overdue review! Today's item is from Eve by Arianna, featuring a gorgeous bracelet handmade with love and exquisite charms matched with the perfect earrings! 
These jewelry sets were made by one of my favorite people in the world who I'll refer to as Madame A. Just to be clear though, I personally bought the first set while the second set was given to be reviewed and featured on my blog. Let's begin? 

Today's jewelry set is called "Helen of Troy", a piece heavily inspired from the woman whose beauty launched a thousand ships in Greek literature. This particular piece is meant to attract attention from others, an "eye-catcher" that draws people to look at both you and the item. Basically, you're going to be a walking Helen when you wear these lovelies. ♡ The set includes one (1) charm bracelet and one (1) pair of matching earrings. The set comes in two versions, with the latest design replacing the old one. I'll start off with the first design!

The first design of Helen

Design: 3.5 / 5
The design screams elegance and has a mix of earthy plus feminine hues. I personally liked the crystals and stones best, but the resin roses also became a favorite when I realized they brought out a girly charm when you wear the bracelet. I like the simple color scheme of the bracelet and the mixture of charms arranged together on the silver chain. Though, I thought the brown wooden charms felt a little out of place with the rest of the trinkets as everything else was made of stone, crystal or resin. I like how the bracelet looks against my skin and how it makes me feel really feminine. The dangling earrings also compliments the bold statement the bracelet makes (although they are a little heavy on the ears because of  the stone) and I just love the pink stones used. Makes me think that Helen is giving my charm a boost! 

Material Quality: 4 / 5
The items have wonderful quality especially the stones. According to Madame A, she only uses authentic stones for her pieces and I definitely believe her. The bracelet is actually heavy when worn, you can feel the weight of the charms as the bracelet dangles on your wrist. Plus the stone is cool to the touch even if its under intense heat conditions. (Which is really interesting actually) The trinkets are beautiful, clear colors with no signs of cracks or imperfections. What hindered me from giving a perfect score is probably the chain of the bracelet. The chain and hooks (for the earrings) is silver when newly crafted, after some time (and different weather conditions) I began to notice rusting. I wore the bracelet for around 3-5 months before the rusting had begun. I think it would be best to avoid getting water on it or any substance that may trigger rusting.

I do not recommend wearing it on occasions where you constantly need to flail your arm around. Rather, this lovely piece should be reserved for special occasions or parties. Or perhaps a date? *wink*

Durability: 3 / 5
It's fairly obvious that this kind of piece will require you to be careful when you wear it. The trinkets on the bracelet are fairly durable. They are able to withstand a few accidental bumps and don't easily chip or fall off. Although they possess a certain toughness, the charms are still fragile. A few bumps should be alright, but any extreme force would definitely lead to a disaster for the charms. (Especially the crystals and resin, yikes!)

Craftsmanship: 5 / 5
As all of you aware, this bracelet is handcrafted from scratch with raw materials. I am very pleased with the work Madame A has done with both the bracelet and the earrings. All the materials are securely and neatly placed on the base. They remain secured even after a lot of jiggling and wiggling, so you don't have to worry too much about the trinkets going missing. 

Item Price: 4 / 5
I purchased the bracelet for roughly $10 and the earrings came in as an extra with the purchase. I personally feel that the price is fair for the item, considering the materials used and plus the earrings that were included to match. Although, I can label this item as a luxury item (in Philippine standards) and it's something worth saving up for if you're a magpie like me. I can't help myself with pretty things, oops.

Overall: 3.5 / 5
This version of the "Helen of Troy" is a combination of subtle, feminine and elegant. It's a lovely piece that works well with dresses or a cute blouse + skirt combo for special occasions. Matched with the earrings, the set gives a bold statement and immediately stands out when worn together. It gives a cutesy vibe but remains elegant, perfect for girls who like to add a few more extra charm points whenever they go out. 

woops, we're not done yet!

Now that you've seen the original design of the bracelet, it's time for me to show you how Madame A turned this bracelet from simple pretty, to breathtakingly beautiful! 

The new Helen of Troy

I know, gorgeous isn't it? The magpie in me just had her eyes twinkling with delight when I got to see the item up close. Helen definitely had a makeover! (and a fabulous one, at that) 

Note: The first version of Helen is no longer available. It has been replaced by the latest design of Madame A. 

Design: 5 / 5
Okay, it's almost impossible for me not to give this bracelet a five. First, this version of Helen retained her first color scheme selection (pinks, whites, peach and purples), the difference is, the charm selection has been changed and the number of trinkets have increased. I absolutely love the addition of pearls and bronze heart charms on this version. This design of Helen is still feminine, but it's more classy and almost has this regal feel when matched with the earrings. The wooden trinkets have been removed and the bracelet is now exclusively composed of crystals, resin, stones and bronze. What probably brought everything together was the new choice of chain. I LOVE THE CHAIN. Bronze can often be a hit or miss, but for the case of Helen, it works wonders on the final look of the bracelet. The new design incorporates a mix of womanly grace and a hint of inspiration from the deep sea, which is absolutely working wonderfully. The bracelet is also much more fuller now, seeing as the amount of charms placed have significantly increased. I also love the fact that the earrings made to match this bracelet was replaced with studs instead of the original hook. It makes everything look more formal and sophisticated. 

Material Quality: 4.5 / 5 
The materials used for this version of Helen are of the same quality as the previous one, except they are more refined. As the design changed, Madame A made sure that the quality of her bracelet remained top class even with the revisions. The best revision for me was the bronze chain. Ever since the silver was replaced gold and bronze, the set easily keeps its beauty even after harsh weather conditions. There is no longer rusting on the base and the accessory now keeps its color intact regardless of elements its exposed to.  

Durability: 3 / 5
The rating for the durability remains the same as this version of Helen is still the same as the previous, except with a more refined touch and change in design. 

Craftsmanship: 5 / 5 
Need I say more? Madam A outdid herself with this new look for her Helen piece. The craftsmanship remains to be neat and expertly done with no noticeable errors in the item. The charms are secured well and do not easily fall off even with excessive movement. 

Item Price: 4 / 5
Personally, I expected the price increase for this piece after all the changes that were done to it. Compared to the previous version, this "Helen of Troy" costs $15 - $18 per piece, the earrings included. Luxury item? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely YES. 

Overall: 4.5 / 5 
I absolutely fell in love with this design all over again. The first design had my eyes twinkling, and now this design just has my eyes nearly popping out of my head. The new Helen is classy, feminine, elegant and sophisticated, giving you this womanly boost when you wear the set. It makes you look more endearing and a little mature, in a subtle way. Basically giving you an "elegant young woman" feel. I love that this new design incorporates more romantic elements plus a little touch of the sea too. I think this version fully embodies the "Helen" depicted in our history books and that it's really a must have in any girl's jewelry box. With the studded earrings and mixture of crystals and stones, you'll definitely be an eye-turner in any occasion and the center of everyone's compliments.

I don't know about you, but this set definitely makes me feel like I can launch a thousand ships to journey halfway across the world to see me. :)) 

I hope you all enjoyed the review! 

Photographer © Sylvester Ichon
Model © Daphne Ong

If you'd like to commission a piece from Madame A, you can visit her Facebook account for inquiries! She has plenty more designs to choose from and selections to urge you to spoil yourself with all the pretty things! 

Much love, 

x Bea 


Hey guys! So obviously I haven't been that active with my blog because of the fact that I felt that blogging became a chore. That, and because 2015 was a whirlwind of scenarios that I have yet to share with you! (Trust me, it was a crazy adventure last year)

This year I decided that it was time I get back to my drive to actually start writing and bring back my passion for blogging along with the long list of projects I have in-stored for 2016. January has pretty much started with a bang and I've been overwhelmed with so many crazy adventures already. Funny enough, I managed to survive all of them.

But hey! New blog theme and new beginning for this little diary of mine. Expect regular entries starting this week! I really took the time to think about what kind of topics I'll be writing in here and I'm very much settled in talking about travelling, BJDs, photography, reviews and personal shenanigans. There's so much to write and I'm definitely working my butt to get them done soon. Just like always, this blog will remain to be a  place for positive vibes and inspiration (and a little friendship at the side!). I hope you guys will like my future content and that maybe this blog can finally swim around the internet with the rest of the gang!

x Bea

A Gift: Perhaps

"...and at that moment I caught  a glimpse of long fiery locks. Ones that reminded me of fire that blazed brightly in the dark. But then his face told something else, he had no anger but only emptiness. It was hard to believe when he looked exquisitely beautiful against the window. He was wandering, his eyes searching for something left unseen to my eyes. To be in the same presence as him, it was indescribable. He looked like a perfect addition to my book, I was already drafting a character, although I stopped. Why you ask? He was  indeed perfect to me, but it didn't feel right. He looked too perfectly broken and I... I couldn't bring myself to write his sorrows. No words could possibly express what he's been through." - S. Rose