Bacolod Part 1: We Finally Met

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24th January 2015

What's it like to meet a friend? Well, I can assure you it's one of the best experiences in the world. I've always been fond of making online friends, even if they lived thousands of miles away from me. You can never be too sure what kind of person you'll meet because everyone is unique and different from one another. But there will come a time you will become attached to that one certain person whom you wouldn't mind moving heaven and earth to meet! 

Last January 18, a couple of friends and I planned out on a little trip to a neighboring city. This was sort of a #YOLO trip since it was basically on the spot planning and we just scrambled around to prepare for the trip. Haha! But nonetheless we managed to push through with the trip and we found ourselves in the peaceful city of Bacolod! Truth to be told it was my first time going to Bacolod. I never really had the luxury to travel around my country, but I was very glad that I had the chance last weekend! What made me extremely excited for the trip was the fact that I was going to meet my long time online friend for the first time! We lived so near to each other but neither of us got around in visiting the other's place. But after 5 years, fate finally decided our meeting!

So, I have been part of the cyber world for as long as I could remember. One of the many things I liked to do in it is to lurk around in forums and websites to chat and meet people. One of the people I've met became one of my closest friends! 

Oh hey it's me (left) and Ling (right) !

Cidnie (a.k.a Ling) and I  got to know each other at a roleplay group we used to be active in. (The group is no longer active sadly) we weren't close before, but when we realized we were from the same country (and spoke the same dialect) we immediately got talking! Everything was pretty much formal at first, but you know that feeling when you get used to someone's presence? Yeah, well, when that happened we ended up acting like complete dorks and fangirls. 

Our meeting was pretty rushed since Ling had to meet with her dad and I had to meet up with my friends to continue our Bacolod tour. But even with the limited about of time we had, we definitely made it worthwhile! First thing on our list was to visit Starbucks because we promised each other that we would go on a Starbucks date when we would meet! Ling was also my hero because she treated me to a yummy drink omg  

I forgot what we ordered haha! But I'm pretty sure mine was dark chocolate something and Ling's was strawberry!

I was half-crying when we went into the cafe though, because Starbucks had a display of really cute tumblers with rams on them! I really wanted to buy one, but of course that plan went down the drain when I saw the price tag! huhuhu all the cute rams I will never own. But at least I enjoyed conversing with the staff though. What I probably love about Starbucks is that their staff speaks English and are very kind and accommodating. Even if we say they're paid to be nice, at least they treat you with respect when you come in! So A+ for customer service for Starbucks. (even if I don't regularly go there because budget teehee) 

Oh hey we got glasses! (Legit ones too)

Ling and I spent a few minutes trying to get a decent selfie. I swear, how do you even selfie. Then we spent the rest of our time talking and catching up with each other. I had a lot of fun with our discussions, especially when were talking about the roleplay group we used to participate in. Words just can't express how happy I am. It felt so unreal when I got to hug Ling for the first time! It's like the world was reminding me "Hey! It's a real person!" because we've been online friends for 5 years and counting. But at that point I felt so blessed and so glad that I have a friend like her. We talk about anything and tell each other everything actually! No matter how embarrassing, weird or plainly perverted they are. Ling, if you're reading this, thank you for the 5 years of friendship filled with drama, rants and life-changing realizations. Love you Ling! hahaha!

We have no idea what we're doing.

I think making friends is the best thing to do in this world. No matter how much you claim that you'd prefer to be alone, everyone would definitely look for that one person that shares both their angels and demons. Friendship makes and breaks a person, so it's not just the drive to make friends, but your ability to choose which people you should turn into friends. I've learned in the past few years that not all friendship will last. At one point, two friends can encounter a scenario that will test the strength of their bond. And often times, you'd be surprised that the least person you'd expect to let go would be the first to leave. But! That's life guys! I believe you shouldn't give up on making friends if one particular friendship went downhill. You shouldn't give up on your online friends either. You'll get to meet them one day! It's not now, but one day. All you need is a little patience! Many of my good friends were people I met online and never have I regretted getting to know them. So if you have an online friend that you treasure a lot, encourage and remind each other that you guys will one day meet! Determination is the key. But if now isn't the right time, there's always Skype, Facebook, Emails and my personal favorite, letters. 

Friendship is magic! Literally! 
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