Letters? Letters.

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16th January 2015

What's in a letter? We all know it's a bunch of words written on paper, folded and sealed inside an envelope for the mailman to get. But have you ever wondered why they're more precious than text messages or emails? Maybe there's more to letters than just ink and paper. 

I remember the first time I ever received a letter. The letter came from my best friend in elementary school. We were actually neighbors, her house was just across mine, yet she wrote me a letter and left it in our mail box for me to read. I could still remember the beautiful stationary she used to make it, it had the Eiffel Tower on it, because she knew how much I wanted to visit France back then. I was happy when I read her letter, opening up the envelope and unfolding the piece of paper tucked inside. It was like opening a gift, a gift that touched your heart more than your wants.

Then one day I decided to write my own letter. I loved collecting stationaries ever since I was in elementary school. I was heavily influenced by my cousin who also shared the same interest in collecting pretty things. But I never got around in using them, instead I just hoard them and let the years go by. Though that habit soon changed when I realized the effect letters give to other people.

I began to actively write letters to my friends 5 years ago, and that was the best decision of my life. Before this post gets lengthy, let me go to the real deal. Which is to maybe convince you to write letters yourself! 
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We're living in a world that's quickly advancing in technology. Where communication is easy as sending a text message or simply clicking a button. But can these things really make messages meaningful? Personally, I say not. There's a difference in typing in front of a computer screen and sitting down with a pen in your hand to write something. In writing letters, I believe that each word conveys the sender's emotion and each stroke sharing their thoughts. It's a part of them being written on paper and will be sent away for you to read. 

Letters are products of love and even friendship. That's probably one of the reasons why it's fun to write them! Can you imagine a piece of paper emitting so much emotion? Pretty crazy right? It took me a lot of courage and trust to send letters to my friends abroad or even to the ones locally. It was never easy, I mean, you're giving your personal information. For all we know they could be stalkers or creepers on the internet. But giving a little faith isn't too bad, you just have to know which people to give that faith to!

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So we go to the next part, why should you write a letter? There's text messages, yeah. There's emails, yup. There's skype too, way ahead of you. That's the thing, those are probably the easiest and convenient way to communicate. They're quicker too, way faster than the waiting period for letters. But what else do you do except press a few buttons and then let the internet do the rest? Writing letters requires time, it requires effort and it definitely requires your full attention. You'd need to buy paper, some envelopes, stamps and many other tiny details that you'd want to include in your letter. To write a meaningful letter means that you will take time off your busy schedule to just sit down, relax and write to your special someone. It sounds boring, I know. But what if you were writing to someone you love? Someone you cannot physically touch or see everyday. Someone who lives far away where internet is non-existent. Would you be able to live the year without communicating? I think we'd all be long dead before the year ends. Haha! 

I'm not saying that everyone should write letters, but I think everyone should go back to this old practice even once in a while. When I think about it, this was the only means of communicating back then. There was no internet, no cellphones and most definitely no Skype at that era; so everyone had to go to the post office just to "talk" to their loved ones. Nothing has made me happier than receiving letters from other people. In fact, I find it extremely romantic if someone would write me a love letter. No facebook message, no text message, but a legit hand-written letter. It can make such a big difference, it really can. Not many people see it, but letters can become someone's treasure, an item they will keep safe and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. That's how I'm treating my letters!

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One of my main purpose of writing these letters is to bring a smile to the person I'm sending it to. The world lacks so many things right now, one of them being love. There's so much things going on that sometimes we forget about the little things that used to matter most. When I write my letters, I think about the person I'm writing it to. How do they feel? What are they going through? Why am I writing to them? You have to consider these questions, because you should write a letter that would make them feel better and not make things worse for them. I often like to say that my letters' main purpose is to soothe another's mind. To push away the bad vibes and bring back the sunshine in their cloudy skies. I believe letters can inspire, they are tokens of love and priceless memoirs that hold a history of their own. So why not write to someone today? It can be for a sibling, a friend, a parent or someone you hold dear. You don't need to write anything fancy inside, you don't need to use difficult words or write a best-selling novel. All you need is a pen, paper and a heart that desires the happiness of another. 

A little bonus! 

Sent last year to one of my favorite fashionistas, Katz!

Sent a letter to my dorktastic friend, Leo!

A letter I received from Zieon of Thailand!

Your memoir has just begun, fill it with the sweetest memories!

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Rin said...

Letter-writing is a really nice pastime. It can't convey your feelings like text messages and e-mails do! That's why love-letters will always be 100x more romantic than confessions over text and e-mail.