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13th February 2015

Hey guys, as Valentines is fast approaching I decided to dedicate a few entries to the month of love! This entry, is definitely one of them. I'd like to share my personal opinion about love and the many forms of it. Many say that Love is the best gift ever given to humanity, others say it's a curse left upon us. What's my idea of love? Well, let's get talking! *Warning: I will not tolerate hate on this post!  I won't hesitate in deleting your comment. Respect please.

So where do I start? 
According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, there are four definitions Love can go by: 1. a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. 2a person you love in a romantic way. 3attraction that includes sexual desire. 4the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.

But many of us have our own definition of what makes love, Love. For me, Love can be something emotional, something spiritual or something physical. I believe we can never have a very precise definition of this word because it's more about expressing one's feelings towards another, and sometimes words can never be enough. (*/ω\*) What probably makes Love so interesting is the fact that it's a mystery in its own right! You can never tell how it's going to make an impact in your life, or how it's going to affect you, but by the end of the day, it's going to be you who'll decide if love is something good or bad to experience. 

One of the things that always get everyone talking are the so called 'limitations' of this word. What am I talking about? Who can and cannot love. I never really liked how some people would tell others who they should fall in love with and who not to fall in love with. What gives you the right to tell others how to feel and who should they give these feelings to? Everyone is free to love anyone whom their heart chooses. That's the kind of saying most people would live by and advise others with. The only problem with our world today is that, a non-existent standard has been set in the eyes of society. Whenever this standard is not followed, chances are you'll be judged and you'll be labelled as someone who's 'abnormal'. 

The one standard that I see in the society is that apparently, you must be a man and woman to be together. Which for me, isn't true. They say you should only be in a relationship with someone you love, someone you're willing to give your whole heart to and someone who you would sacrifice everything for. But apparently if that someone isn't from the opposite gender, that love can never be. That's something I strongly disagree in. I never really understood the discrimination and hate towards individuals who come out as either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender etc. They are not abnormal and they are most definitely not sick. (´・益・`*) They are no different from any human on earth and just because they aren't sticking to the status quo of society, it doesn't give you the golden ticket to talk badly about them and be total jerks towards them. Especially when you start talking as if you know and understand their situation. Let me summarize my point of view with this picture:

For me, love will never have a criteria or requirement. If these did exist, then why teach us to follow our hearts? Why tell us to pursue the one that will make us happy? What's the whole point when you're just going to follow a set of guidelines set upon by someone else? Honestly speaking, I've always believed that one can define love according to their own understanding. What do you think love is? What does love have? What does love don't have? These answers can differ from one person to another. I think you can never use the word "should" with love and place it one sentence. There has never been a precise definition of it and to be honest, I don't think there ever will be. Here's what I think love is:

Love is something beautiful. It is a wonderful gift that you can give to someone and receive from someone else. A priceless treasure that often times a lot of people wished they possessed. When two individuals share this 'love' it blooms into the most beautiful flower in a garden. The kind of flower that will continue to grow more beautifully as this love is nurtured and will spread its seeds on the ground to give chance for new buds to grow. (▰˘◡˘▰)

Love has no gender. A man is made only for a woman and vice versa--- Stop. These kind of statements creates boundaries, walls and limitations. "Love knows no bounds" that's what a lot of people say. If this can be applied to a couple of the opposite gender, then why can't this be applied to couples of the same gender? When you find your true love, I don't think you'd make such a big deal with their gender, may it be biological or not. Love is meant for anyone and everyone, no can tell you otherwise. (◕‿◕✿)

Love is sacrifice. Obtaining a "happily ever after" isn't as easy as it sounds. Fairy tales make it sound easy, but I know to those who have experienced it themselves, it was never the case. There will be troubles, obstacles and problems that will continue to stand in your way one after the other. But often times these obstacles become a stepping stone in creating a bond that can last 'til the end of time. You will probably give up a few things, move away to an unknown place or even find yourself turning into a wreck because of love. But if you believe this person, this love that you have is worth all these struggles, then you will be rewarded tenfold. You cannot make your happily ever after if you don't do anything to make it happen. (✿´‿`)

Love takes courage. You can't sit around and just wait for something to happen. Sometimes you need to take a risk and put everything on the table. The biggest mistake a person can do is to let that love slip away and live a life where you would be haunted by that one phrase:  "what could have been." Take a chance, you will never know until you try. Everyone who decides to fall in love and give their heart to someone else is courageous. Merely telling your feelings is already an act of courage. It just depends on you on how far you're willing to be courageous for. (*´▽`*)

Love has trust. It is born from this one word and it can either make or break this love. You must have faith in the one you love and yourself. Communication is key in any relationship, you have to always talk to each other regarding your fears, troubles and doubts. There will always be lies and secrets that will linger, but I believe when one would love, the truth always outweighs both. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

lastly, Love improves you. It was never meant to ruin you. To love is to understand others, how they think and how they feel. It is to make you realize the realities that surround the lives of those whom you care for and how you can become someone who can be there them. But just as you help them, they should also help you. Love should be something that makes you into a better version of yourself. If it is truly love, you will never be told to change out of a whim, you are told to change for your own good. Those in love would want to see the best versions of each other, and I know no one wants to see their loved one at their worst or even be the reason why they are at their worst. (´⌣`ʃƪ)

There's probably a million other definitions of this word but I think the points above is how I currently understand this mysterious emotion. I think there's no right or wrong definition of love, all these definitions are born from one's own experience and through the experience of others. Plus, there are also many forms of it. But I'll save that part for another blog entry if I don't forget about it :'D

So, I'd like to ask you again. How do you define love?

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Anonymous said...

For me love is something, rather, more than just a thing that you'd feel. Love could be an affection, a plight, a constant feeling of want and need for someone. Love is just something that couldn't be explained fully. Love. . is a part of one's life. As Iv'e experienced it, Love defines no limits, It could be brutal and a total pain to hold at times, but once you get to feel it, Love is a vast wave of subtle emotions. I could be one of the guys who could call love, "Magic", In which I'd really agree that it improves the totality of a personality.
For the past years, I have learned and have reflected, I asked my self, I recalled all the memories that reminds me of being with someone that I love but turned away and betrayed me.
Love is the highest form of being good to someone, to love is to care for, to guide, to embrace his/her extremes, to love is some sort of a covenant that nourishes the romantic love that a couple has. I myself could say it out loud, I have felt love, I have given tenacious love and to me as a guy, to love is not just any desire but an intimate passion. Care, Loyalty, respect, happiness and acceptance all verge in to love. Happy Valentines and yes! I do love your entry!('‿')