Product Review: Beaded Friendship Bracelet

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Hey guys! I went on hiatus for a long while due to the fact a lot of things have happened recently! But I'm actually really happy that I finally got things settled and I'll be updating my blog regularly now. I still owe this blog a lot of entries, but I'm working on them as quickly as I can so I can share them with you. For now, I'll be featuring some lovely shops!

Last week I had the chance to schedule a session with two of my friends and we finally got around in taking some shots of the items. I would have taken them myself but I wanted to make things fancy so a photoshoot happened. I'd like to thank my best friend Daphne for being the model for the items and for Sylvester Ichon for being our amazing photographer. All pictures were taken and retouched by him! *Steal any of these photos and I will hunt you down like my life depended on it.

Let's get started on this review! 

I had previously reviewed this item in my old domain, but since I moved here and I have gotten better in writing entries and basically reviewing things. I think. I'm not the best reviewer but I'll try anyway haha! I had originally bought this together with my friends when the shop had just opened (which was last year) and was their first customer to ask for a commission! In total, there are 4 bracelets we had made with different secondary colors. 

This particular bracelet doesn't have any name or design name. So we're simply going to call it "the friendship bracelet". Here are the details regarding the shop and the item:

Shop Name: Tiny Beaders
Shop Link: Facebook
Bracelet Length: 7 inches
Main Material: Beads, String

The shop owners are very easy to talk to. They keep communicating with you and update you with your items if they have made progress, finished it and have shipped it to you. They are very reliable, so I highly recommend this shop if you like beaded jewelry. You really don't need to worry about being scammed, because honestly Tiny Beaders has probably one of the best customer service ever. ♥

Design: 3/5
The design is simple and clean, nothing too fancy. But the item itself has an elegant feel to it which makes up for its simplicity. Honestly speaking though, I like accessories like this because it can match almost any outfit you have in your closet. The color combination for this design is also very pleasing to the eyes and gives off a cute charming appeal. 

Craftsmanship: 5/5
This item deserves five roses because they are exquisitely made. Note: These are all handmade and you can definitely see the TLC given to these lovelies. Not a single string or bead out of place. The beading is very neat and the beads are tightly strung, the hook and ring is also securely placed. (Although the hook on my bracelet fell off months ago, but you can easily fix it by just reattaching a new hook in the loop prepared at the ends of the bracelet) 

Material Quality: 5/5
To be honest, I'm very keen on the materials being used to make accessories like this. I like simple things but not cheap-looking simple things. Rest assured that Tiny Beaders makes use of high quality materials though, especially the beads. They actually give a subtle shine when light hits them and they don't appear to crack even after constant usage (plus they have a smooth finish so yey!). The hook and ring also don't rust if you expose them to water, so you can pretty much wear these cuties all the time without worrying about rust problems. 

Durability: 4/5
The bracelet is sturdy enough and can withstand being thrown around. (I literally threw mine around). Since it's made out of string and beads, it's actually quite flexible and you don't need to worry when you fold them into weird shapes. However, since it is made out of string and beads, the bracelet can only take so much if you pull from both ends. It can handle a few tugs, but of course, you shouldn't apply extreme force on it not unless you literally want to pull the item apart. The good part, this won't get destroyed easily, even if it were in the hands of a child. 

Item Price: 4/5
I got these bracelets with my friends for roughly $3.00 (Php 145) including the shipping fee. Without the fee, it costs around $2.75 (Php 120) for each individual bracelet. Personally I think the item price is fair as it isn't too cheap nor too expensive. The design is simple, but the amount of effort, craftsmanship and quality produced deserves a good price and I do believe these bracelets shouldn't go below Php 100 for their worth. 

Overall: 4/5
My friends and I LOVE these bracelets. (Daphne is wearing her bracelet in the picture above) I was extremely pleased when I opened the parcel and truth to be told, I immediately wore mine the moment I got my hands on it. It's a very cute accessory that you can match with practically everything and can be used casually. Simple but an elegant piece of jewelry ideal for girls (and guys!) of all ages. If you're into these kind designs, I highly recommend you to get one yourself! I look forward to my future purchases with this shop, they never cease to meet my expectations with their items. ♥

Thank you for reading my review and I hope it's been helpful for your purchase! Do check out Tiny Beaders and show them some love by commissioning their beaded accessories! A little tip when ordering, it's best to order a bundle or a lot of pieces at once so you can save on the shipping cost. The shipping fee can actually cater to a few big items and a lot of smaller items depending on the weight. Plus, I would also recommend ordering with your friends there are plenty of designs you all can wear together and spread the friendship magic. :)

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