Bacolod Part 2: Ermahgerd Food + Locations

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No trip is complete without the presence of food. How could you travel to another place and not eat their food? You don't eat the food? You're a disgrace-- just kidding haha! But really, food makes the world go round and what better way to get to know the culture by eating their local cuisines! Did I mention sightseeing should be part of your to-do list?  Let me give a glimpse of the places I got to visit during my visit in Bacolod City! *warning: Pictures, pictures everywhere!

During my trip to Bacolod with my friends, the first thing we did was eat.Obviously. I didn't get to take good pictures at the first place we went to, but it's a little restaurant next to the Chinese Temple! They had the best nacho fries ever. (so sad I didn't get pictures ) After I met up with my friend Cidnie, my friend's brother took us to this cozy little cafe named Cafe Bob

 I just wished that tree didn't cover a portion of the name lol

I really loved how the cafe looked from the outside. A very welcoming and cozy place! They serve a variety of desserts and drinks to match! The cafe is also very spacious, so you can freely move around plus everyone observes quiet conversations, so less noise too. Hey look, a gelato stall! 

Nothing to see here, just a bunch of dorks. :'D

I really liked the warm browns and creams on the wall and on the furniture. The cafe also has this "American" feel going on which is definitely my cup of tea. The cafe has both indoor and outdoor spaces and you can choose to sit between their tables near the counter or the couches near the glass window on the other side! 

The beautiful decorations near their bathroom area. Super classy and elegant!

Finally a picture with me in it!

... and I'm gone again. :T

I didn't get to order since I was still so full from the Starbucks drink I had. (I had much regrets okay--) But on the bright side, at least I got to take a picture of the food instead haha! They ordered their individual drinks (whose names I cannot remember) and P.I.Z.Z.A. 

Look at this beautiful thing. How can you not-

Did I mention they had a variety of desserts? Yes? No? Here's a picture anyway!

If I was filthy rich, I would have bought one of everything. I had my eyes set on the chocolate cake but I was too full. *sobs* But when I do get the chance to taste their food, I would definitely tell you guys more about it next time! After our break, we were in the mood for shopping, so the first mall we visited was Ayala. The moment we went inside, National Bookstore was the first shop I saw and I immediately went inside. Why? Because stationaries. Yes, I spent most of my money hoarding around 8 sets of stationaries in different designs. I regretted nothing! 

But everything changed when the fire nation attacked I saw this...

Am I in heaven? Yes, YES I AM.

So we stumbled upon this really cute stall along the main hall and the moment I set my eyes on it, I bought things in a heartbeat. Much impulse. Such spending. Though I didn't regret anything when I got the items. I bought a pen set from them! If you guys are ever around Ayala and are lovers of craft and D.I.Y, I highly recommend that you guys stop by this stall! :) Now, for the other stuff we saw:

Daphne being fabulous. Look at those toys!

There's a cute pirate Stitch which I forgot to take a solo shot of! He's really a cutie!

The manly corner!

Tomiya players preparing their cars! 

Tomiya racetrack!

So after a little shopping and touring around the mall, we headed out again to try out more food shops! (Because really guys, what is travelling without food?) We went to the restaurant area which was located outside the mall. There were so many places to choose from! I liked seeing the little park they had at the center, it was open for kids, pets and basically for everyone who wanted to walk around or hang out!

I'd bring my dog here, if I had one >:'(

Fancy fountain thing!

A stolen shot when I saw this man with his daughter. Precious photo!

Before anything else, I had an Anastasia moment when I passed by a particular bakery. I mean I had to stop and pause to stare at the entrance and basically found myself entering the shop a few moments later. Thanks for tagging along Cedric! Okay no, I didn't fall in love with the baker LOL but I did however, fall in love with the bread in the shop! The moment you enter the place, it smells SO GOOD. What bakery is it? Bread Talk!

Alligator-san be like "wat"

Employees of the shop! Thank you for agreeing to take a photo!

Look at all the deliciousness. The bakery sells freshly baked bread, which is such a big deal. Nothing is more good than eating freshly made food! I didn't get to buy anything in the shop (but luckily Cedric bought something) as I took pictures so I could reserve my appetite for the last destination in our little food adventure. We were brought to a cafe named Calea and can I just say, I died and went to heaven... again? 

If you have a big sweet tooth and is not afraid of getting diabetic, then Calea is a must visit place for you when you go to Bacolod! It's a very cozy cafe that specializes in desserts! They have a variety of cakes to choose from and they even have ice cream cakes!

Oh look it's Lester! The ambiance of the cafe is so mellow and cozy. Love it!

Look at this thing of delicousness. It's a chocolate mudpie ice cream cake! With almonds <3


Look at all the cakes I can't possibly taste in one sitting. 

I swear, this was one of the days where I ate so much I couldn't eat anymore. But the food and flavors found in Bacolod are quite delish! I really liked visiting all the popular food places the city had and I wished I got to visit more if we just had more time. (But then again we wouldn't be able to eat anymore HA) I'm hoping to visit more of the local restaurants and cafes when I get the chance to visit again. I think I'll make sure that I won't be eating anything when I arrive so that I have room for all the food I'll be devouring next time!

There's one more place that we visited that made me fall in love with Bacolod even more. Keep a look out for my last entry about our one day trip, The Ruins! 

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