Dear Mom

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Art by Claudia Tremblay

Mother's Day is one of the best celebrations for me. In this particular day, we celebrate and thank all the moms out there for their hard work, care and most of all, their unconditional love. This is  also a day where we basically treat our moms like queens. I mean come on, she deserves it. She managed to deal with both our bad and good days all throughout these years, so I'm guessing she deserves a lot of credit. I'd like to dedicate this entry to the person who made me who I am today, my mom. :)

Dear Mom,

There's probably a lot of things I want to tell you and there's probably a whole lot of other things I can't and won't tell you, but hey, it's your special day today! For years you have showered me with hugs and kisses, ones that would never feel as warm even if I get married someday. There's really a difference in a mother's love. It feels unique, incomparable, indescribable. Why is that so? You probably wouldn't know the answer either, but I know you can probably feel it! It felt like only yesterday that you were carrying me in your tummy, then 9 months later there was this smaller version of you all curled up in a blanket. Okay, maybe I was a smaller version of Dad, but really I'm pretty sure I looked like you in those baby pictures. 

Art by Nidhi Chanani

Did you know your hugs are one of my most favorite things ever? I can't explain it, but a mother's hug always feels comfortable. It's the kind of feeling where you can just snuggle up and stay there forever. I would if that was possible. They say that hugs can cure a lot of emotional blues. Personally mom, I feel like your hug could cure cancer if it was scientifically possible. I'm not sure if it's a mother's intuition, but you always know when to give me one. Sometimes I feel like you have this secret radar that detects if I need a hug or not. How do you do that really? Will I get this special hug detection powers when I have my own kids? I sure hope I do. Your hugs are the best, mom. It gives me energy, brightens my mood (No matter how bad it is) and just really makes everything better. Thank you for the power hugs!

Oh, don't get me started with your home-cooked meals. Whenever you cook at home, it feels like a sin to be full. Why? Because I won't be able to eat more of your food. I always look forward to the days where I accomplished something good, because it's the time where I know you would bring me to the supermarket and ask what I'd like for dinner. And when I do tell you what I'd like to eat, you scurry off to find the ingredients and leave me alone in an aisle spending 10 minutes looking for you. Honestly mom, I don't want to lose a middle-aged woman in a grocery store. But then, I also appreciate it when you cook my favorite food whenever I experience my "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" phase. If there's one thing that makes your food special, it's love.

Art by The Escape Velocity

Hey mom, do you remember the times where I got on your nerves? Or maybe the times I sort of didn't listen to you and then got in trouble afterwards? Or when I basically acted like a hormonal teenager undergoing puberty and was all over the place with my constant mood swings and food cravings? About that, I'm sorry. There's been a lot of times I know I became impatient towards you and acted really selfish. I also know that there has been times where I took you for granted and didn't give you the treatment you truly deserved. I'm sorry. For the times that I talked back, I'm sorry. For the times I acted selfish, I'm sorry. For the times I didn't listen, I'm sorry. For the times I forgot to say I love you, I'm sorry. I know that I have a lot of shortcomings as a daughter and I have made a lot of mistakes, but you have to know I'm always grateful for you mom. You didn't give up on me and remained patient, you continued to give me your warmth when at times I know I shouldn't have acted the way I did. You gave me so much love when I thought I didn't deserve any.

I know that I'll probably make more mistakes in the future, but I hope even then you will continue to be my guidance. To be that one person who will believe in me. I'm sorry that we argue sometimes, I know I won't be able to fix that so easily, but you know I don't hate you. I could never hate you. 

You might not know, but I learned quite a few things from you. For example, you taught me how to read. If anyone is to be blamed for my addiction to books, it's you. You also taught me how to write properly, how to cook, how to clean, how to do my outputs, the list goes on and on. But then, there was one thing I learned from you that changed how I lived my life. You taught me to be kind. I questioned this a lot, why would I be kind to people who aren't kind to me in return? But you showed me that kindness doesn't choose which person gets to have it, kindness goes to everyone and anyone; even our enemies. No good will come if you take revenge or hurt someone else, that's what you always said. At first I was skeptical about it, but then I came realize you were right mom. Life becomes so much more beautiful with the presence of kindness. Not because of the rewards it gives, but because you never know what a person is going through and sometimes, a little kindness can make all the difference. I learned that from you mom. 

Art by Alina Chau

When I have my own kids someday, I want to be just like you mom. I want to be able to understand like you do, be patient like you do and most of all, love them just as you have loved me. I want to become a mom like you one day. The super mom kind of mom. You're a strong and beautiful person that is a blessing to everyone you meet. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have met a lot of my favorite people! Always remember that I'm always proud of you and you have never disappointed me. I'm proud to say that you're my mom and I couldn't want anyone better! (I don't need anyone better too!) 

I love you mom, Happy Mother's Day.

Your Daughter

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KRAL said...

Just awesome :D great post.

@KRAL Thanks! I got a little emotional but this entry is truly from the heart. ♥