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Well I'm actually delayed with this entry for sure, but hey guys! This entry is dedicated to my precious girl who I received last February. I originally wanted to blog about the whole box opening process, but I didn't have a decent camera then, so I couldn't document everything. But I managed to take my girl out today and have a little photo session with her. Meet Tissara RoseReally though, I'm a complete noob with BJD photography so forgive the noobness. (´・益・`*) ps. some pics are NSFW, nudes incoming--

Before anything else, I think now is a good time to get to know her. I made my first downpayment for her last October and she arrived at my doorstep on February 19, 2015. (Fun fact: That's Chinese New Year! My ancestors were kind to me this year) Prior to her arrival, I already thought of her name even before I made my order haha! I originally wanted to get myself an Iplehouse girl but I decided to start small since I'm still fairly new to this hobby. I've been a BJD enthusiast for years but I can definitely say it's a completely different story if you have a real doll for yourself. I still get confused with the sizes for clothes and shoes HAHA 

But anyway, I decided to go for the Dreaming Doll company for my first BJD. A friend of mine owned a girl from their company and she looked adorable, so I said "why not?" Asked permission from my parents and next thing I know she was ordered. 

Tissara is a Little Elva - Bella. I absolutely fell in love with her sculpt when I saw her product photo. She looked really cute and charming, plus she had this hint of mystery when I observed her sculpt. So I definitely went for it and I couldn't be more happy! The wait for her was definitely worth it. 

Her name is coined from "Kisara" a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh series (which is the blue eyes white dragon for the information of everyone LOL) I liked how her named sounded when you say it and decided to play around with other letters to see if I could form another sound with it. I replaced the "K" with a "T" then added an extra "S" and there you have it, "Tissara" was formed. 

"Rose" was actually taken from another doll's name, a doll owned by my good friend Nix! (Which is the gorgeous creature under this wall of text) Ladies and gentlemen, Rose Veritas. Nix played a big part in motivating and inspiring me to pursue the bjd hobby and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have Sara now! I chose Rose's name in particular because he has been (and still is) my favorite doll in her crew. He was also the first bjd I got to meet, the first bjd I got to hold and the first bjd I got take a picture of. (You take all my firsts Rose, bet you're proud of that achievement! HAHA //slapped) So I decided to adopt his name and have Sara share it with him, but instead of having it as her first name, "Rose" is her surname. (´⌣`ʃƪ)

I honestly fell in love with Bella's head. Like really, I think one of the reasons I went for her sculpt is because of her head. When I placed the eyes in and the wig on Tissara, I literally just gawked at her for a good 10 minutes. My mom thought was going insane but welp. But as you all can see, I'm still having a hard time trying to capture the beautifulness of my doll. Which is like extremely difficult for me at the moment. (´・益・`*)

The current hair and eyes Tissara has won't be her permanent ones. I actually have envisioned a different combination for her and hopefully I can get buy them after I get her a full set of clothes first. I mean really, she can't be nekkid during doll meets-- although I am sad that her eyes are really dark at the moment. The eyes are actually really pretty in real life since they have sparkles in them, but due to the fact the color is too deep they appear black in the photos. (For this one, sapphire blue. In reality it's actually turquoise) 

Oh hey she's in her undies <3 Thank you Dindin! (I think it was you omfg idk)

I'm actually still frustrated with the shots I took because they aren't full the ones I had in mind. I'm not that good with the camera yet but I hope to improve as I continue to practice. Luckily a few of my fellow bjd owners were kind enough to give me some advice when taking pictures of my girl, which I find very useful and helpful. I actually have 0 knowledge on how bjd photography works, but hopefully I will gradually learn how to take the shots and edit the pictures properly. To be honest, I'm quite horrible with the color control and retouching in the photos haha!  

As a character, Tissara is an author for romance novels. She's a quiet and gentle spirit that possesses a down to earth personality. She loves nature and has a deep fascination towards photographs. Photography is one of Sara's favorite hobbies next to travelling. Her wanderlust is never ending and she rarely stays in one place for too long. It helps her get inspired for her novels and allows her to meet new people that often times, become characters in her book. Tissara likes to wear Mori girl or "Forest Girl" fashion on a regular basis, she loves wearing long flowy clothes in earthy tones such as brown, green, orange and white. Though she seems quite the expert in romance in her novels, Tissara is actually quite shy towards others, men in particular. Irony of it all, she hasn't been in a single relationship.(*´▽`*)

For now, that's as far as I've discovered with this mysterious and charming lady. I hope to get to know her more as we continue to spend time together! (and endure hours of agony in getting a nice shot during photo sessions) Hopefully I can make a photo story with her once I get some clothes on this girl! Tissara sends her regards and says hi to everyone!

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