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Hello hello! I'm back again with another review that I have been working on since 2 weeks ago. It's just been one heck of a week guys and I'm still pooped out from all the activities that has happened. I'll do my best to blog about Cosplayfest: Natsu Yasumi that happened last weekend. I think I'll prolly put it up tomorrow! But anyway, here's another product that I received from Tiny Beaders! 

I actually received my first sponsored parcel from the shop a few months back and this was one of the items that came in the package! (I actually had two square pendants too but I kind of forgot where they flew away. I have to rummage my accessory pile oops) Again, all  photos were taken by Sylvester Ichon. *I will still hunt you down like my life depended on it if you decide to steal any photos. To the review!

The piece that I received from the package was actually bigger than the latest one Tiny Beaders had for sale. The other two featured in this review were ones I bought myself and not sponsored by the shop. I loved the first one they sent me so I just had to get more colors because why not? The item is referred to as the "candy heart" and it comes in various color combinations! The large one has a name and is called "Bubblegum Sweetheart".

Here's the basics about the item!

Shop Name: Tiny Beaders
Shop Link: Facebook
Main Material: Beads, String

The coin next to the charm is a 25 Philippine centavo coin.

I sadly forgot to ask for the exact measurement of the charm, so hopefully this photo reference will help you estimate the size. Also, I'd like to make it clear that the two extra candy charms that I got are smaller than the Bubblegum Sweetheart. They are probably the same size as the centavo coin in rough estimation. Also, usually when you receive them they do not have chains. They come to you as literal charms and you'll have to provide for the chain yourself. (or whatever strap you'd prefer to attach them in) but I believe you can talk with the owners and maybe settle on an agreement to throw in the chain along with your order!

This is Poochi my adorable Poro buddy.

Design: 3/5
This is another minimalist and simple design from Tiny Beaders. (I'm probably never going to get tired of the simple designs lol) They are heart-shaped cuties with two colors mixed together, one primary and one secondary. They usually come in sweet or pastel shades and are great matches for girly outfits or something romantic! 

Craftsmanship: 4/5
The craftsmanship is lovely as usual, neatly weaved and secured. The Bubblegum Sweetheart deserves 5 roses for the craftsmanship, but the two smaller ones I'd have to give a 4. I can understand that because they are smaller in scale, they are probably more challenging to make. Although the two charms were made of the same materials and same technique, outcome-wise the bigger scale looks the best. Based on the pictures below, the shape of the bigger scale is more noticeable and nearer to a heart. Compared to the smaller ones, their shape is a little distorted and not as defined. 

I like to call this the HaruMichi heart! The colors used belong to them <3

Material Quality: 5/5
As usual, Tiny Beaders never let their attention to quality go down. The beads used are lovely, they have a shiny finish and are smooth to the touch which is a pretty nice bonus. The colors of the beads are also vibrant and are very much visible when you wear them. 

Durability: 4/5
Just like the friendship bracelets, the charms are quite sturdy and can withstand a considerable amount of force. However, they are not flexible and retain their solid shape regardless if you try to bend them. They don't easily get destroyed if you drop them or if they get thrown around (so if you tend to throw your accessories into your box like me, you're safe haha!)

Item Price: 3/5
Since Bubblegum Sweetheart was sponsored, I didn't pay for it. However, the two smaller charms were sold for roughly $1.70 (Php 75) individually. I think the prices are okay, but due to the size of the charms they are a bit pricey in a way. (The charms are after all smaller or roughly the same size of a centavo coin/cent. If they were as big as the Bubblegum Sweetheart then I think it would be more worth it) 

Overall: 4/5
I personally love these charms and so do my friends! I actually had a group order with them and we basically just split the shipping fee as usual. They are cute and very girly which makes them great accessories for those of you who like to have a burst of color in your outfits. I bought a silver heart chain to match them because you can never go wrong with hearts. I got the chain for around $2.00 from our local craft store. Personally, I think the charms look great with silver instead of gold chains. But if you're more of a golden girl then don't hesitate to match them up! I highly recommend this piece for Japanese inspired attires such as Fairy Kei or Decora as well. They'd make great additions to your outfit if you love everything colorful and pastel! 

Thank you for reading my review! I hope it was helpful for your purchase! Please do check Tiny Beaders out and have a piece commissioned! I'd like to share my tip again by saying, it's always best to order with friends! :) You all can save from the shipping fee by simply ordering in bulk and splitting it amongst yourselves when you placed your order. The more pieces, the cheaper it will become so less additional cost for you and your friends with your shipping fee for your handmade beaded items.♥

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