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Can clothes tell a story? I'd like to think that they are another kind of storybook, the kind that has felt time pass and has kept stories that were often left untold. But how much of a difference does it make when you wear a skirt than a pair of jeans? To wear boots instead of sky high heels? Perhaps the clothes we wear are capable of molding a person. But who exactly is that person? *A little image heavy!

Everyone wears clothes, that's a given. Some don't care about which items match and there are some who just take fashion into a whole new level. In a good way! I for one like to make the effort with my coordinates, because first and foremost I love color. In art class we're taught that there are colors that work together and there are those that can turn into a fashion disaster if you put them in one place. It's not just color, there's also styles and themes to consider; but if there's one thing that your clothes reflect, it's you.

I'd like to talk about this ever evolving topic which is Fashion, and there's someone who has been inspiring a lot of individuals with his unique and distinct choice of clothing. 

This is Zaine, a friend of mine who is going to help me with this entry and hopefully inspire you to find that inner style that reflects not only what you like, but who you are. But of course, before we get to business, I'm sure you're quite curious on who he is and why he's here. Not that anyone's complaining, I'm sure.

21  England  English

An explanation:
The internet can be an interesting place, you see. My memory isn't very reliable but if I remember correctly I got to know Zaine because of a voice acting group. (I think) I was previously the scriptwriter for a group and coincidentally he was one of the existing members I was going to work with and things just started from there. Even after my withdrawal from the project, Zaine and I continued our communication and as of current we have been friends and I'm assisting him with the novel he's writing. Zaine is also a notable fashion persona online, who goes by the name Shun, to which I know some of you might be familiar of. He's known to have Visual Kei* roots and has been incorporating plus experimenting with Dansou* style in his current looks. I chose to collaborate with him on this entry because I have seen how he has evolved not only as an individual but also in his sense of style. I like to associate Zaine with the word: Discover because for me, he knows exactly what this word means and how this word goes together with fashion. And I thought, who else would be a better choice for this?

✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖

Fashion affects people in many different ways and for some, it has helped them in more ways than one. We know that being 'fashionable' is something that requires a lot of research, references and probably years of experience. But let's not focus on what the society thinks fashion is; rather, let's focus on what fashion is to you

"I'd like to describe my style as experimental. I like to dabble in everything and find what I love the most; there's no other way to know whether a certain style will suit you or not if you don’t try it out!"
First of all, what style do you like best at the moment? What makes you feel comfortable, confident and makes you feel like yourself? You're not sure? Well, I think it's time for you to go on a little experiment! Clothes can do wonders to a person if you ask me, the littlest changes can make a difference. When you choose your clothes, you're actually presenting a portion of yourself to others. But is it true that "You are what you wear"? It kinda is but kinda not, although we know that our clothes can leave an impression to people we meet. Remember, your clothes only play a small portion in introducing you to new friends. You've got to remind yourself that friends will look at who you are as a person, and not for your choice of fashion. So, don't be too wary with what you wear! If a particular style makes you feel good, then wear it. If it doesn't, then maybe you should go for another kind. There's countless styles you can try and for sure, there's bound to be at least one style that's going to leave an impact on you!

If you've found the style that speaks to you, the next thing would be figuring out why it speaks to you in the first place. Why did you get into fashion to begin with? I know that many people can follow the latest fashion trends blindly, because why not? It's the in thing right? But sometimes being up to date with the latest fashion trends isn't always everything. Everyone has a different reason for following a certain kind of style, it can be because the style inspires them or maybe because it helps them to be one step closer to discovering themselves. Often times you'll find yourself being influenced by styles being worn by famous celebrities and styles that are far different than the ones being used at home. But regardless where this style originated from, we always go back to the main question: Why did I choose this style?

"Japan has had a major influence on me since I was in high school, a time where I was trying to find myself the most. My confidence was nonexistent, but Japanese fashion with its flamboyant and unique take on style gave me the courage I needed to not only look different, but to feel comfortable with myself. "

So now you have the style you love and you know why you love it. Now, how are you going to turn this style into your own? Well, I'm not exactly a fashion expert either, but I do know for sure that one way of figuring out your personal style is to take inspiration from other existing styles! Let's say your base style is Visual Kei*. This style is Zaine's roots in his choice of clothing, what exactly is it? Quick wikipedia reference!

Visual Kei band The GazettE
"Visual Kei is a movement among Japanese musicians, that is characterized by the use of varying levels of make-up, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes, often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics."

Just for the information of everyone, Visual Kei is a fashion term and not a musical genre. Although musicians who enter glam rock, heavy metal and punk rock usually go for this style, Visual Kei is not limited to these genres! But that aside, you're going to wonder now. How did Zaine achieve his current style when he started off with something as loud as Visual Kei? We go back to the words: Inspiration and Experimenting.  There's countless of styles to try and they don't need to be Japanese in origin! There's Vintage, Bohemian, Hipster, Retro, Gothic, Sporty, Androgynous and the list goes on and on. You have a wide selection to explore!

You don't need to follow a fashion trend exactly as it is. Plus, you don't need to stay in the same style for the rest of your life. You can always change it up according to your preference and you can continue to try various combinations. The important thing you should remember is that you're wearing these clothes because they make you feel good and make you feel like yourself. People sometimes make the mistake of wearing styles that they feel completely uncomfortable in just because either 1. Society pressures them that this particular style suits them best or 2. They want acceptance from their peers or family. Remember guys:

✔ Wear the clothes for you, be yourself, always. 

✖ Become a stranger in the clothes you wear.

"Fashion is a huge section of my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it; clothes have given me not just a fancy wardrobe but self-reassurance, comfort and friends who are also embracing similar styles. I take pride in how I look every day no matter where I go, and I believe it’s not something to be ashamed of! What I love about fashion is that there is no right or wrong way to do it."

Settled with your clothing choices now? Great! But wait, you like the style of the opposite gender? TOTALLY NO PROBLEM. Society likes to set standards and social norms that are expected to be followed by every individual on the planet. Should you be one of those individuals? Heck no! I know that maybe some of you get pretty shy with your style because you might think "What if people think I'm a freak?" Well let me ask you something: Are you hurting anyone with your style? Are you doing something illegal? Does your choice of clothing affect your performance in tasks?  Does your clothes change who you are as a person?

Answer? No.

Fashion and style can be for all genders, both male and female alike. If the opposite gender's style tickles your fancy (and you know you can rock those clothes), by all means, put those clothes on, NOW. This is you and you know it's you, so why not go for it? If you like a style that's a little different than most, always remember that there's nothing wrong with being different. We're not duplicates of one another, we are all unique and so are our styles! Besides, let's face it, sometimes the opposite gender wear some pieces better than the actual gender the piece was meant for. Haha!

"Fashion means plenty of things to many people; personally, I see fashion as a form of expression, giving those who cannot properly show their personality a means of doing so. It is unique to everyone individually, and I hope that people would not shame another because they are witnessing a flamboyant or bizarre fashion for the first time."

There's no "right" or "wrong" way to wear clothes and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If there were such requirements needed just so someone could be socially acceptable, then I don't see why various other styles continue to exist. If we're going to follow one generic style, then better just eliminate the other competing styles! But they're here, they exist and they're here to inspire you. These styles are here to be your guiding light, the light that will bring you to the style that you can call your own. Don't every think there's a "perfect" style because that will never exist. There will be styles that will set a trend, but there's no style that is above others. 

"Discovering my own style was certainly not an achievement that was accomplished overnight. Each type of fashion possesses their own unique symbolism and base; at first I attempted to replicate it almost exactly, but I believe it’s important for one to make room for their own flare. I take inspiration from many aspects, the key factor being my own preferences."

As you continue your journey in discovering who you are and what clothes reflect you, give yourself ample time in doing so. Be patient! Don't rush things. Even the most stylish fashion icons endured years of research and practice before they got their style together. Another thing is that you shouldn't compare your style to other people. Others choose to wear certain clothes because that's them! That's who they are and you should also do the same. Remember, your choice of clothing is under your preference. You have the final word if you want to wear something or not. But a word advise, as you continue to expand your wardrobe, never forget about being happy. The more happy you are with your clothes, the more people will see the you hiding behind those fancy fabrics. Wouldn't be nice to hear when you go shopping, you see a piece of clothing in a shop and your friend immediately says "Oh! That's so you!" 

Clothes can be powerful and it can affect you both physically and emotionally. Wear them to help you, to strengthen you and bring out the confidence you know you possess. Don't wear clothes that hurt you, only wear the ones that make you love yourself even more each day.

Simply be you. Not the person defined by society, but the person 
who you know exists within yourself and only you know who that person truly is.

From Zaine:"Time is your friend. The internet is also your best friend; depending on what you are inspired by will determine a solid foundation of your fashion or even if you adore a certain type of clothing. It takes a lot of research and courage to want to try a fashion that is ‘out of the ordinary’, but you may surprise yourself as to how much you like it! You can never be inspired by too many things, but you might drown in the amount of options you have for your style; experimenting with these pieces is one of the easiest ways to discover your own style, and if that doesn’t work, let the music guide you!"

Good luck and have faith in yourself! Hope you find your inner style soon, I'm sure you'll own it!

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