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Hey guys! So obviously I haven't been that active with my blog because of the fact that I felt that blogging became a chore. That, and because 2015 was a whirlwind of scenarios that I have yet to share with you! (Trust me, it was a crazy adventure last year)

This year I decided that it was time I get back to my drive to actually start writing and bring back my passion for blogging along with the long list of projects I have in-stored for 2016. January has pretty much started with a bang and I've been overwhelmed with so many crazy adventures already. Funny enough, I managed to survive all of them.

But hey! New blog theme and new beginning for this little diary of mine. Expect regular entries starting this week! I really took the time to think about what kind of topics I'll be writing in here and I'm very much settled in talking about travelling, BJDs, photography, reviews and personal shenanigans. There's so much to write and I'm definitely working my butt to get them done soon. Just like always, this blog will remain to be a  place for positive vibes and inspiration (and a little friendship at the side!). I hope you guys will like my future content and that maybe this blog can finally swim around the internet with the rest of the gang!

x Bea

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