Product Review: Helen of Troy Charm Bracelet

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How I miss the feeling of typing long entries in my blog. Starting this comeback with a long overdue review! Today's item is from Eve by Arianna, featuring a gorgeous bracelet handmade with love and exquisite charms matched with the perfect earrings! 
These jewelry sets were made by one of my favorite people in the world who I'll refer to as Madame A. Just to be clear though, I personally bought the first set while the second set was given to be reviewed and featured on my blog. Let's begin? 

Today's jewelry set is called "Helen of Troy", a piece heavily inspired from the woman whose beauty launched a thousand ships in Greek literature. This particular piece is meant to attract attention from others, an "eye-catcher" that draws people to look at both you and the item. Basically, you're going to be a walking Helen when you wear these lovelies. ♡ The set includes one (1) charm bracelet and one (1) pair of matching earrings. The set comes in two versions, with the latest design replacing the old one. I'll start off with the first design!

The first design of Helen

Design: 3.5 / 5
The design screams elegance and has a mix of earthy plus feminine hues. I personally liked the crystals and stones best, but the resin roses also became a favorite when I realized they brought out a girly charm when you wear the bracelet. I like the simple color scheme of the bracelet and the mixture of charms arranged together on the silver chain. Though, I thought the brown wooden charms felt a little out of place with the rest of the trinkets as everything else was made of stone, crystal or resin. I like how the bracelet looks against my skin and how it makes me feel really feminine. The dangling earrings also compliments the bold statement the bracelet makes (although they are a little heavy on the ears because of  the stone) and I just love the pink stones used. Makes me think that Helen is giving my charm a boost! 

Material Quality: 4 / 5
The items have wonderful quality especially the stones. According to Madame A, she only uses authentic stones for her pieces and I definitely believe her. The bracelet is actually heavy when worn, you can feel the weight of the charms as the bracelet dangles on your wrist. Plus the stone is cool to the touch even if its under intense heat conditions. (Which is really interesting actually) The trinkets are beautiful, clear colors with no signs of cracks or imperfections. What hindered me from giving a perfect score is probably the chain of the bracelet. The chain and hooks (for the earrings) is silver when newly crafted, after some time (and different weather conditions) I began to notice rusting. I wore the bracelet for around 3-5 months before the rusting had begun. I think it would be best to avoid getting water on it or any substance that may trigger rusting.

I do not recommend wearing it on occasions where you constantly need to flail your arm around. Rather, this lovely piece should be reserved for special occasions or parties. Or perhaps a date? *wink*

Durability: 3 / 5
It's fairly obvious that this kind of piece will require you to be careful when you wear it. The trinkets on the bracelet are fairly durable. They are able to withstand a few accidental bumps and don't easily chip or fall off. Although they possess a certain toughness, the charms are still fragile. A few bumps should be alright, but any extreme force would definitely lead to a disaster for the charms. (Especially the crystals and resin, yikes!)

Craftsmanship: 5 / 5
As all of you aware, this bracelet is handcrafted from scratch with raw materials. I am very pleased with the work Madame A has done with both the bracelet and the earrings. All the materials are securely and neatly placed on the base. They remain secured even after a lot of jiggling and wiggling, so you don't have to worry too much about the trinkets going missing. 

Item Price: 4 / 5
I purchased the bracelet for roughly $10 and the earrings came in as an extra with the purchase. I personally feel that the price is fair for the item, considering the materials used and plus the earrings that were included to match. Although, I can label this item as a luxury item (in Philippine standards) and it's something worth saving up for if you're a magpie like me. I can't help myself with pretty things, oops.

Overall: 3.5 / 5
This version of the "Helen of Troy" is a combination of subtle, feminine and elegant. It's a lovely piece that works well with dresses or a cute blouse + skirt combo for special occasions. Matched with the earrings, the set gives a bold statement and immediately stands out when worn together. It gives a cutesy vibe but remains elegant, perfect for girls who like to add a few more extra charm points whenever they go out. 

woops, we're not done yet!

Now that you've seen the original design of the bracelet, it's time for me to show you how Madame A turned this bracelet from simple pretty, to breathtakingly beautiful! 

The new Helen of Troy

I know, gorgeous isn't it? The magpie in me just had her eyes twinkling with delight when I got to see the item up close. Helen definitely had a makeover! (and a fabulous one, at that) 

Note: The first version of Helen is no longer available. It has been replaced by the latest design of Madame A. 

Design: 5 / 5
Okay, it's almost impossible for me not to give this bracelet a five. First, this version of Helen retained her first color scheme selection (pinks, whites, peach and purples), the difference is, the charm selection has been changed and the number of trinkets have increased. I absolutely love the addition of pearls and bronze heart charms on this version. This design of Helen is still feminine, but it's more classy and almost has this regal feel when matched with the earrings. The wooden trinkets have been removed and the bracelet is now exclusively composed of crystals, resin, stones and bronze. What probably brought everything together was the new choice of chain. I LOVE THE CHAIN. Bronze can often be a hit or miss, but for the case of Helen, it works wonders on the final look of the bracelet. The new design incorporates a mix of womanly grace and a hint of inspiration from the deep sea, which is absolutely working wonderfully. The bracelet is also much more fuller now, seeing as the amount of charms placed have significantly increased. I also love the fact that the earrings made to match this bracelet was replaced with studs instead of the original hook. It makes everything look more formal and sophisticated. 

Material Quality: 4.5 / 5 
The materials used for this version of Helen are of the same quality as the previous one, except they are more refined. As the design changed, Madame A made sure that the quality of her bracelet remained top class even with the revisions. The best revision for me was the bronze chain. Ever since the silver was replaced gold and bronze, the set easily keeps its beauty even after harsh weather conditions. There is no longer rusting on the base and the accessory now keeps its color intact regardless of elements its exposed to.  

Durability: 3 / 5
The rating for the durability remains the same as this version of Helen is still the same as the previous, except with a more refined touch and change in design. 

Craftsmanship: 5 / 5 
Need I say more? Madam A outdid herself with this new look for her Helen piece. The craftsmanship remains to be neat and expertly done with no noticeable errors in the item. The charms are secured well and do not easily fall off even with excessive movement. 

Item Price: 4 / 5
Personally, I expected the price increase for this piece after all the changes that were done to it. Compared to the previous version, this "Helen of Troy" costs $15 - $18 per piece, the earrings included. Luxury item? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely YES. 

Overall: 4.5 / 5 
I absolutely fell in love with this design all over again. The first design had my eyes twinkling, and now this design just has my eyes nearly popping out of my head. The new Helen is classy, feminine, elegant and sophisticated, giving you this womanly boost when you wear the set. It makes you look more endearing and a little mature, in a subtle way. Basically giving you an "elegant young woman" feel. I love that this new design incorporates more romantic elements plus a little touch of the sea too. I think this version fully embodies the "Helen" depicted in our history books and that it's really a must have in any girl's jewelry box. With the studded earrings and mixture of crystals and stones, you'll definitely be an eye-turner in any occasion and the center of everyone's compliments.

I don't know about you, but this set definitely makes me feel like I can launch a thousand ships to journey halfway across the world to see me. :)) 

I hope you all enjoyed the review! 

Photographer © Sylvester Ichon
Model © Daphne Ong

If you'd like to commission a piece from Madame A, you can visit her Facebook account for inquiries! She has plenty more designs to choose from and selections to urge you to spoil yourself with all the pretty things! 

Much love, 

x Bea 

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