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Hey guys! I've got some exciting news to share today. Recently, a friend of mine has started a clothing line that features simple but trendy designs for casual wear. Her brand is called NITEOWL and it's a brand that aims to create on-trend fashion at the best affordable value. It promotes individuality and encourages people to be themselves regardless of the stereotypes made by society. I'm actually pretty excited about this project and I'm very much pleased that it's promoting a positive message for individuals. A little confidence booster can't hurt right?

So last January 30th, NITEOWL had released its first collection, opening the brand with their "Shibui" line featuring five unique t-shirt designs made available in three colors. Their approach for this series is simplicity but stylish, creating designs that can be matched with almost anything. The Shibui collection is influenced from Japanese street styles, possessing sleek yet classy statement designs. 

Shibui Collection - KANTAN 

Shibui Collection - KOSHIEN

In my opinion, they are best paired with casual pieces such as jeans or shorts, finished off with your own personal touch according to your style. (or at least what you're going for!) But personally, I would wear them with a skirt as well and probably wear a pair of comfortable converse along with it. That is, if I have the motivation to actually make the effort to look good on that day. Forever a potato.

Besides the fact that I'm promoting this brand, I'm very happy to announce that I'm one of the ambassadors for NITEOWL! I just signed my contract with them a few days ago and I'm really looking forward to the future projects I have with them. Honestly, it was hard to believe that the owner considered me for her brand, but I'm very thankful for the opportunity. It's actually pretty insane since this is the first time I'm actually doing this so called "modeling" thing which I have zero knowledge on and being an ambassador for a clothing brand. Although this is going to be a super exciting adventure, it's going to be a given that my family will be watching my activities like a hawk. (I just hope I don't disappoint them!)

NITEOWL has a set of ambassadors of different social backgrounds and status. Each ambassador is unique and has his/her own field of interest which they represent. For my case, I represent the cosplay culture in the city while other ambassadors represent students, working professionals, artists and the likes. The brand wishes to bring different individuals together and that even with the differences in interest, NITEOWL clothing can help set aside those differences to form a positive and friendly community composed of unique people.

Sounds pretty poetic, but you can say that a new community is coming to town and it's going to be bold, classy and definitely stylish!

Shibui Collection - OWL HEAD

Shibui Collection - SH00TERS

Interested in getting your own NITEOWL piece? The Shibui collection is currently open for orders but stocks are limited so you must get your favorite design now before they're sold out and gone forever. Make sure  to place "Bea" in the referral when you order! You'll help me get ambassador points haha! I look forward to see everyone in their own NITEOWL shirt, feel free to share your photos with me in the comments!

NITEOWL Shibui CollectionORDER NOW

Photographer © Michelle Du
Retouch © Beatriz 
Models © Ina Isis, Quenna Delicana, Yanyan Pajar, Ryan Herrera, Raelanie Loyola

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