I'm Writing for a Magazine. Say What?!

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Trust me, I'm just as surprised as you guys are. Writing has always been my favorite hobby since forever, and all I've ever done is write stories that feed my fangirl tendencies. So how did I end up becoming a writer for a magazine? Well, it was a pretty funny story. 

It started off like this, I was browsing through the internet like usual and my chatbox suddenly beeped. My cousin had apparently left me a message asking  if I was interested to use my writing skills for a job. I immediately told her that I wasn't good with any formal writing (such as news articles) and told her that I might not apply if they're looking for actual journalists. Even with my warning, she insisted that I give it shot and send over some of my samples to the publisher. At this point, she informed me that a traveling magazine was looking for writers to contribute for their articles and basically next thing I knew I was chatting with the publisher. 

I did not keep my hopes up on anything because for one, this is a formal magazine with legit issues being distributed and two, I have zero experience in article writing in general. (well, except blogging but they are two different genres) So, the publisher to asked me to send her any sample write up I had available. Since I don't really write regularly, the only thing I could link her to was my blog. I honestly felt very embarrassed but I didn't have much of a choice since I needed to pass something

After throwing my dignity out the window, I was so shocked when the publisher replied and told me that she'll take me in. Like are you really serious, you're joking right?

Okay, she wasn't joking and I obviously started to squeal behind my desk. Extra good news was that my cousin is also going to work in the magazine with me! I honestly cannot believe this actually happened and it's very overwhelming to be part of this venture with several other people. I'm really thankful for this opportunity and I just feel so blessed to be given this chance. I have a lot to learn when it comes to magazine articles, but I'll do my best! I'll be using this chance as a training ground to further enhance my skills in the tourism field and hopefully I can improve in my writing ability as well!

If you guys are wondering which magazine I'll be writing for, it's going to be TRIP! A magazine that focuses on traveling, lifestyle and leisure! It's a local magazine in the Philippines where it features local travel destinations and tourist spots plus other secret locations that have yet to be recognized by the public. Not only that, it's going to be a traveler's best friend because it's also going to feature must try activities, cuisine and traveling guides which includes gadget must haves! 

Follow TRIP! @ Official Website , Facebook , Instagram 

Wish me luck guys! Hopefully you'll get to see my articles in the magazine or the website. ♡

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